The Leading Provider of Online Ordering for Restaurants

orderTalk has been providing online ordering solutions to the restaurant industry since 1998. With our experience and the trust that we have built with our customers over the years, orderTalk is the clear leader when it comes to remote ordering solutions for your restaurant.

Whilst online ordering for restaurants is still the mainstay of what we do; it is also just the start of our product offering. orderTalk services include a full range of ordering solutions designed to increase order frequency and check average, decrease overheads and maintain customer loyalty.
  • Web Ordering
  • iPhone Application
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Facebook Integration
  • Text Message Ordering
  • Call Center Interface Application

Online ordering for Restaurants: Increase your check averages by up to 40%!

With built in cross and upselling techniques, orderTalk customers see across the board increases in check averages. With our expertise, we are able to offer advice on how to make the most of your online ordering program. orderTalk is more than just an online ordering company, it is the premier provider of remote ordering solutions.

  • Customized Ordering Site
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • PCI-level 1 Compliant Security
  • Advanced Menu Functionality
  • Point-Of-Sale (POS) Integrated Solutions
  • Simple Chain Management Web-Interface
  • Multiple Payment Methods Available
  • orderTalk´s Order Delivery Methods

Interact with your customers on Facebook and give them the ability to place orders without ever leaving the site!

Feed your face. Increase
the visibility of your Online
Ordering system by
harnessing the power of
Facebook. Now your
customers can order their
favorite food while spreading the word amongst friends through the vast Facebook network.


Give your customers the convenience that they crave! With your own customized and branded app available to your customers from the iPhone store, your customers are able to place orders directly from their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Using state of the art technology, customers can locate the closest restaurant by GPS, view menus and place orders directly from their Apple device.
Can you afford not to be in the iPhone app store?

iPad In–store

orderTalk has developed a line buster product using the Apple iPad. Currently in roll out to a major chain, staff use the iPads to take orders which are fed directly to the kitchen. Customers love the cutting edge technology and staff love the convenience.
The orderTalk iPad line up also includes, customer remote ordering, customer in-store ordering and iPad kiosk technology.

orderTalk Call Center Application

The orderTalk Call Center Interface is available to customers as a stand alone offering or combined with online ordering. orderTalk pioneered this web-based solution to provide our customers with the ability to improve the way that they interact with their customers by phone. The orderTalk call centre applications allows you to take orders at either an inhouse or outsourced call center: Benefits include:
  • Better control over image projected to customers
  • No lost calls due to engaged lines / unanswered calls
  • Professional telephone order taking rather than in-store
  • Average order value increase due to professional sales agents
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