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Customized ordering

orderTalk software provides complete integration of corporate branding, customized fonts, page titles, menu item images and POS systems.

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Industry leader

With sophisticated software designed to serve the global marketplace, orderTalk is the leader in providing digital ordering solutions to restaurants worldwide.

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Secure online ordering

Our customers' privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us. That is why we are independently certified and audited PCI Level 1 compliant.

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24/7 customer support

orderTalk customers enjoy 24/7 live, courteous phone and email support for their restaurant staff, fast turnaround menu updates and real-time order monitoring.

Leverage technology for business growth

orderTalk customers report increases in check averages of up to 40%. Our proprietary technology is built with cross and up-selling functionality and our cutting edge responsive design customer experience has resulted in:

Stronger Sales

Higher Check Averages

Decreased Costs

Higher Customer Satisfaction Levels

How Our Online Ordering Software Serves Your Customers

Fully customized

You work hard to build your brand and your online ordering solution should represent your individuality. All of our client’s sites are customized for their needs from menus, fonts, format, payment and delivery options, catering, etc.

Responsive design

Your customers want speed, convenience and a customized experience. You can have that with orderTalk. Our specialized software is optimized for mobile and compatible across all devices and browsers with a cutting edge responsive design customer experience.

Seamless order delivery

orderTalk delivers orders directly into POS seamlessly integrated with your restaurant. Alternatives include customized POS integration, orderTalk print agent, Windows printer or orderTalk’s web-based console that allows you to manage your orders anywhere from your Windows computer.

Host solutions

orderTalk is independently certified and audited PCI Level 1 compliant so all data and customer information is secure. SQL servers provide automated backup and fail over systems.

Easy and efficient, our software allows for multiple payment methods with online credit card processing hosted through one of orderTalk’s invaluable partners. Helpdesk phone and email support is available 24/7.

Advanced management

Covering all bases from location specific options to menu customization, up-selling, special offerings and complex coupons and discounts, the orderTalk advanced menu functionality is customer friendly, easy to deploy internally and effective in driving sales.

The chain management web interface streamlines all online ordering across all locations and allows for the management of delivery areas with inactive maps, store activation and deactivation, menu pricing, descriptions and availability and the ability to make adjustments to time slot, slot capacity, passwords, policies for payment methods and more.

We Partner with Leading Brands in the Industry

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  • Loyalty & CRM

Meet the orderTalk Team

Patrick Eldon

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Lavin

Chief Technology Officer

Geoff Steere

Chief Operating Officer

Kristy Newberry

Operations Manager

Burger Ebersohn

Project and Technical Account Manager

David Drazic

Technical Support and System Administration
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