Five Ways Online Ordering Boosts Sales

Contemporary consumers love ordering online, and they expect that convenience. Quick-service to high-end bistros regularly offer their clients the ability to order online and with this service firmly imbedded in our food culture, we have seen online orders triple in the last five years. To put it simply, if you’re not following suit, your business is losing sales. Online ordering can help your bottom line in all the following ways and more.

Offers Speed and Efficiency

If you’re already taking to-go orders over the phone, that’s time consuming. About a third of phone orders take longer than three minutes, and 75 percent of orders take at least a minute. This may not sound like a lot of time, but based on these numbers, 20 phone orders per day can add an hour or more to your payroll costs.

With online ordering, your employees don’t have to answer the phone, and you don’t have to worry about losing customer details in a real-life game of telephone. Instead, the customer enters exactly what they want into the app, and the ticket can go straight to the kitchen so your team can get started on the order.

Encourages Upselling

Online ordering also makes upselling easy. A skilled server knows how to increase ticket totals by offering the right bottle of wine or recommending key side dishes, but online ordering systems use algorithms that can make this process even more efficient. Your customers put in their orders and the app upsells based on their current order or their previous orders with your restaurant.

Increases Ticket Totals

Beyond upselling, online ordering helps to increase ticket prices in general. According to one survey, online ordering boosts sales by 23 percent. On a $100 order, that’s an increase of $23. Over $10,000 worth of sales, that’s an extra $2,300.

Collects Marketing Data

You’ve probably heard the phrase “data is king”, but you may be wondering where to get data. An online ordering service is the perfect place to get started. Customers create a profile, and the online ordering system collects countless data points from what type of food they order to what time they tend to order.

You can use this data to help with upselling, but you can also use that data to drive other marketing decisions. If a regular customer hasn’t ordered in a while, perhaps you need to send them an exclusive offer or even just a handwritten note inviting them to come back. In fact, 54 percent of customers say they are more likely to make purchases from companies that customize offers to them, and 59 percent say they get positive feelings when companies customize offers just for them. If you’re not customizing offers, you need to be.

Deeper Consumer Engagement

Finally, when customers have your menu in their pocket (in the form of an online ordering service), that increases engagement. As your food is only a convenient click away, you become their go-to choice. In a lot of cases, you can also increase engagement by using tools like geofencing. For instance, if a customer signs up for alerts from the online ordering system, geofencing sends custom alerts when the customer is close to your restaurant.

To check out the advantages for yourself, contact orderTalk today. We can help you create an ordering system that is completely customized for your business.