Building a Mobile App that Works with the Help of an Online Ordering System Provider

Savvy, on-the-go food ordering apps attract consumers and build brand loyalty

Online ordering systems for restaurants have catapulted into the limelight over the past decade as hungry consumers expect to order and receive meals faster and more efficiently than ever before. With today’s mobile-first mentality more and more restaurants are taking their online ordering capabilities one step further with the development of custom-designed, all-in-one mobile apps. These apps provide deeper customer engagement and loyalty, as well as improved data collection for marketing use. When thoughtfully developed, the apps often include a streamlined and attractive user interface with important offerings such as delivery, mobile fast-pay, loyalty perks, voice ordering, customized menu selections and more.

As technology moves ahead at lightning speed it is important to develop an app under the guidance and direction of an experienced online ordering software provider. Their job is to monitor the pulse of the industry and anticipate what consumers desire and what works best from an operations perspective. The last thing any restaurant wants is to launch is a poorly functioning or outdated mobile application that has no staying power.

So, as you begin the research and development process for your restaurant, make sure that your mobile app includes the following features:

✔ Streamlined, user-friendly interface with modern and appealing photography

✔ The ability to search for locations via GPS

✔ Delivery scheduled directly through the mobile app, which also allows your brand to collect essential marketing data

✔ Easy sign-up for loyalty perks and promotions

✔ The ability for consumers to enter and save a profile with payment information

✔ A mobile wallet

✔ Specials, promotions and seasonal offerings that are easily accessible and enticing to the consumer

✔ A section to add individualized notes about your order

✔ A customer experience tab where guests can share their experience and/or gain access to frequently asked questions

✔ The option to differentiate your order between pick-up, table-top or delivery

✔ The ability to sign-up for or decline push notifications and emails

While many restaurants tap online ordering system providers to assist with the implementation of online ordering software, POS integration and third-party integrations, they are also highly skilled consultants that have extensive industry knowledge to impart. An online ordering system provider can partner with you to fully develop a one-of-a-kind mobile app that fits all your food service needs. To learn more about orderTalk visit: